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1WIN is a popular betting company that provides an opportunity to earn money online on the Internet via sports betting and casino games. It’s been around for quite some time and continues to grow tremendously every day on the market. 1WIN application can be yours absolutely for free. Interested clients can register and download the free mobile app on the website.


The 1win mobile application allows you to do a lot with the multiple built-in functions. As it has been mentioned earlier, there are different levels of membership and they have specific applications for each level. This is very useful for the people who want to try out the system. It also serves as an incentive for people who might want to become bettors so that they can make money using the same system.

There are two main versions of the 1WIN app, however they don’t differ in functionality. The latest updates are supported on various devices. In order to learn more about how it works, what difference there is between the computer and mobile versions and what smartphones are required for the usage, read the following article.

1win sports line

About 1WIN app

The bookmaker offers its customers a very simple and user-friendly interface. There are several filters you can choose from and several features available to track your performance. Users can track the number of bets they have placed and at what time.

1win can be downloaded and installed right now from the official website (Android, iOS app.) For installing the application, the bookmaker offers a generous bonus or a promo code.

Another benefit of being a member of this gaming community is that you can make money on the go. The application allows you to bet on events while traveling and thus helps you to earn more money. All necessary information is entered through a mobile phone. One can also subscribe to the newsletter and be informed of any promotions they may qualify for. You can also view statistics, participate in gambling, and play right on your smartphone or in the browser.

Payment options available in the app

Just like the official website, the app offers its clients plenty of different payment methods and features. The deposits and withdrawals can be carried out by several systems pretty fast. You may also add a wallet of some other currency in the settings after your log in (click on its icon.)

The deposits in the app are available with the following popular services: VISA and Mastercard, PayPal, UPI, Skrill, PayTm, PhonePe, and also several kinds of Cryptocurrency providers. It is a huge variety that gives the clients from India many possibilities and make the gamer experience as convenient and pleasant as possible. Though, like on the website there are some differences in minimum and maximum deposit amount for each payment option.

The withdrawals are also similar to the ones on the web site, and many of them are just like the depositing methods. The money operations are done quickly in 1WIN app and won’t make the users wait for hours. It is super convenient to be able to deposit and withdraw the money right on your phone from the balance at any time and any place, so make sure to sign in and try it.

As we have mentioned, the company has several withdrawal and deposit options. The clients can choose between direct debit from their bank account, a debit card, or PayPal account. Some bookmakers also allow you to pay via mobile phone. The terms and conditions of some bookmakers vary, and thus there is great value to be gained by going through their site and comparing these options before choosing the best one.

1WIN app benefits

There are many benefits of using the mobile app. Some users may neglect this opportunity, therefore missing many amazing things. We have thoroughly analyzed the app and found many advantages of having it downloaded on your device. We would like to share our experience with those who can’t yet decide whether they are ready to download it or no. Here is the list of the main positive features (though, there may be more of them) of the 1WIN mobile app:

The first thing you pay attention to, opening the app is its beautiful and colorful design. The predominant color is blue, so it doesn’t irritate the eyes and lets them rest a little bit. There are many interesting and captivating things on the pages — the bright banners informing about different bonuses, sport line events, and awesome casino games. It easily attracts the attention of the users, and makes the experience even more pleasant. Moreover, both app versions run smoothly.

Besides the beautiful and unique interface of the website, it has really convenient user-friendly navi system. All players will be delighted. It is easy to switch between the activities available on the platform and find everything you need in a couple of minutes. There are several categories: main, live, casino, and live-games.

On the main page you can find an events line with different sports. Here are the football, basketball, cricket betting, volleyball, IPL matches and many more outstanding games and tournaments of any Indian team. You can choose a tournament and start betting right away.

The live section contains the sport events that are available for betting even during the game. It provides the clients the higher chances to make a successful bet with great odds of winning. It will be perfect for the people who are novice gamblers and just starting to learn more about it. It will help them to know the teams better and be able to make more precise predictions.

The online Casino section contains all-time favorites of the casino lovers. It is amazing how all the games we are used to seeing in the big club halls manage to fit into one small device. We really recommend to not miss the chance and check out the Las Vegas on your screen. There you can find poker, roulette, slot machines, blackjack and more.

The live-games is another cool category that 1WIN app contains. It has many amazing games among which you can find anything you wish. Be careful not to be stuck there for too long.

There is also a personal account section that you can enter after a click on the sign of three lines.

We have already mentioned the huge variety of games the app can boast about, however this is not the only thing about them. The company cooperates with the top game development brands that create entertainments compatible with any kinds of devices. The users can enjoy their beloved games on the phone, not having to worry about its quality.

All the games are fun and unique, and the process of winning some cash becomes even more enjoyable because of this. There are many different kinds of them, however one thing remains the same — its fantastic quality.

Some users mistakenly consider any mobile application a platform with lower service level, however 1WIN bet app proves them wrong. When it comes to the client service, the app can offer a quality support that is here for you 24/7. It is located in the personal profile right under the payment details. Here you can describe your question or write any suggestions. After that it will be sent to the client management where the employees will give you a fast and detailed answer. It also has great security.

With all those benefits mentioned above, it is just a matter of time when you will want to download the app 1WIN has. However, we have some even more exciting news here. The app is available for a wide selection of different devices. It will work well both on the old and new devices of any size, and has amazing compatibility. 1WIN app takes little memory and is available for Android and iOS (Apple products — iPhone, iPad) gadgets and may be installed on the tablet with such software as well. Learn more about how to download 1WIN apk (Android apk) or download app for iOS in the next section.

1WIN app — save and install instruction

1WIN has one of the best betting apps we have seen. It also allows you to bet live on sports events, and this is a unique feature that most sites offer. You can also bet on multiple matches at once, which means that bettors will receive multiple payouts and their earnings will be increased. You can also bet on horse racing, football and many other sports. If anyone has a habit of betting, then this is the perfect site for them as they can increase the earnings even with a single win. In addition, there are some promo codes available after you download the 1WIN bet apk.

You can download 1WIN apk for Android app install from the 1WIN website. However, besides the Android version, there is also an iOS version for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

To successfully download and install the application, you have to follow these easy steps:

App icons on the main page

1WIN has the advantage of offering bonuses and incentives to its members which are available after downloading the app. They can vary from free bets, gift certificates, to a range of other free services. It also can include special offers to members who have proven their loyalty and have visited the site more than once. If someone is new to the betting industry, they can enter small amounts at first. When one wins a bet, they can use the bonus to try and place another bet. Once they have accumulated a certain amount, they can move on to bigger stakes number and bigger prizes. Download 1WIN app for Android and iOS (depending on your operating system) and complete the installation of it right now! Follow the match results right on your iPhone and don’t miss app update.

Mobile version of the website

The mobile version of the website is the best option for those who for some reason can’t download the 1WIN app (not enough free space on the device, bad compatibility, or old device), but want to have access to the platform at any place. You can make bets and play the casino games right on your phone. There is a huge variety of different entertainments available for any taste. The football, basketball, horse racing, cricket, and hockey matches will impress anyone as well as the easy navigation on the site. There is also a list of cybersport tournaments — just like on the original desktop version.


It is important for any bookmaker to receive a feedback about the results of their work. Moreover, we have composed such positive app review after having read the comments and opinions of other users. Some of them compare it with the melbet, 4rabet, betwinner, mostbet, and betmaster apps, saying a lot of good things about 1WIN. It is more reliable than information from some unknown sources. You can also share your thoughts about it and help to make the 1WIN app more convenient.

Contact the support service if you have any questions left or read the FAQ.