1win Aviator: How to play, secrets and tricks

Find out how to play Aviator, a new betting game for players who enjoy the excitement and entertainment of casino games and are looking for an alternative to slots.

We bring to you here a complete tutorial on how to play Aviator and tips on how the best players do it to profit real money in the game.

You can play Aviator in the best casinos, so stay tuned to take advantage of the best promotions, cashback, and welcome bonuses.

Basically, the Aviator player bets before the little plane take off and must withdraw his profit before the plane disappears in the game.

Aviator game online: the airplane started its flight

What is the Aviator game?

Aviator is a new type of online casino game that is gaining more and more players in the world with its popularity.

Aviator bets on simplicity and dynamism to bring a lot of emotion to its players instead of slot machines.

Release date2021
Minimum Bet₹7
Maximum bet₹1000
Demo Modeavailable
Full Modefor real money
Bonusesfree spins


This new online game was developed by Spribe, a company well respected in the world of iGaming with a catalogue of good casino games.

Moreover, Aviator uses the “provably fair” system, a random number generator that today is the only guarantee of honesty in a casino game.

Provably Fair system and your server seed

The multiplier of the game starts at 1.00x and does not have an upper limit. The Aviator’s minimum bet is INR 7 and the maximum bet is 1000 INR. However, the maximum prize of the game is INR 1000000.

Remember that the Aviator game RTP is 97%, that is the theoretical return of the game. Compared to a slot, we can say that this is a good number.

How does the Aviator game work?

The simplicity of the Aviator game is quite attractive, as you only need to decide how long you want to keep your stake in order to make a profit in the game.

Aviator 1win is based on a small plane taking off and starting to gain height. As the plane rises, the game multiplier increases. This multiplier indicates the amount that your initial bet will be multiplied by, resulting in your profit.

The height that the plane reaches in Aviator before it disappears is determined by the random number we mentioned earlier, meaning that as well as relying on luck, you can use strategies to increase your winnings in the game.

You receive the game prize at the moment you want to make the “Cash Out”, in other words, stop your bet in Aviator.

An Aviator player bets in different ways, both for high and low prizes.

It’s important to note that the Aviator multiplier accelerates as the plane takes off, meaning that the values of the prizes in the game increase faster and faster. Aviator always aims for the highest possible excitement, which is why it’s so much better than other games.

You can play the Aviator demo version before you play for real money. That way, you can try Aviator without risking your money until you become one of the best players.

Register at the 1win website to start playing.

How to play the Aviator game

To start play Aviator you must have an account at an online casino. After that, you simply log in, deposit, and enjoy the game.

Initially, you determine your wager amount in the locations highlighted in the image below. You can bet up to two times on the same game take-off.

Once you have chosen your bet amount, simply click on the green “BET” button and wait for the next flight to play Aviator.

1win registration proccess

Registering with 1win is so easy that it only takes 1 minute to complete.

Hint: the registration button is at the upper right corner of the screen.

There are 2 options to create an account to play Aviator game and other slots at 1win Casino for real money:

You must enter the following details: your phone number and email, then you have to create a password, choose your account currency, and enter the promotion code if you have one.

1win login and first deposit bonus

To complete your registration, you need to complete your entire profile (use your real details) and be verified. You can then make your first deposit and get the bonus.

How to play Aviator online game: Basic rules

You can place your Aviator bet during a flight to take part in the next take-off in the game. You can’t activate a bet during a flight to play Aviator, you have to wait for the next take-off for your game bet to be valid.

Aviator games round starts now

When the plane takes off when playing Aviator the game multiplier is activated, it represents the number of times your bet will be multiplied by the time you decide to withdraw your profit.

If you don’t do it until the plane disappears, you lose your bet.

In the picture below you can see a screen of the game Aviator during the take-off of the plane with an active bet. Now you decide how much you want to risk your money.

The higher the stake you keep playing Aviator, the higher the multiplier value of the game and the higher your winnings.

Aviator game multiplier

In the above case, the Aviator multiplier is 2.11x, which means that for a INR 100 bet you get a payout of 211 INR, and for a 1000 INR bet you get back 2110 INR.

To receive your profit simply click on the orange “CASHOUT” button in the game, you can choose to cash out your profits at any time before the plane disappears.

In summary, the game is divided into three basic steps:

In addition, 1win Aviator offers a number of features to make your bets even more dynamic, just like in online casino slot games.

Extra Features

Aviator is quite complete in terms of extra features. The game page has a number of features to automate your betting while keeping you in control of the game.

Bet doubler

One of the extra features to play Aviator is being able to place two simultaneous bets. To do this, simply select the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the betting field.

activate the «two bets» mode on betting panel

Once this is done, another betting option will appear for the same spin. They are completely independent, meaning that when playing 1win Aviator you can bet different amounts and also cash out at different times during the flight of the plane.

This feature is very interesting for some betting strategies that we will explain later.

Auto Play mode

The “Automatic” function is very useful for those who want to use good strategies during several take-offs from the plane. To activate it, simply select the option that is above the betting field.

With this function, you can activate some features that make it easier to control your winnings and the overall balance of your bets.

Aviator 1win autoplay mode settings

Automatic cashout

In automatic mode, you can set the time of the “Cash Out”. With this, you choose a predetermined time and your profits will be cashed out whenever the plane reaches that multiplier.

See in the image below that even though the plane disappeared at the 1.29x multiplier, the balance was cashed out at the 1.10x point, since it was previously set in your bets.

Aviator automatic cashout button

Many players use this strategy when they want to reduce risk and maintain a profit pattern.

Another function of the game’s automatic mode is the AUTOPLAY function. With it, you can set various types of limits for a given number of ascents of the plane.

To start using the function you have to click on the word AUTO GAME in the betting selection field

When you select the AUTOGAME option a control panel of the automatic bets appears. There you can define various settings according to your strategies.

The first step to use this function is to set the number of rounds that you want to automate. In total there are 4 options available: 10, 20, 50 or 100 rounds.

This option allows you to stay in control if your strategy is to play several rounds in a row without interruption.

Minimum Balance Limit

The stop function if your balance decreases to a certain value allows you to keep control of your bankroll to avoid losses beyond what you are willing to take.

On the left side of the game is the betting history for the previous round

The way it works is simple when the value of your total balance reaches a certain minimum value, all the scheduled rounds that have not yet been played are suspended.

With this function, you can determine how much you want to risk on a certain strategy. This way you can better control your risks and avoid losses beyond the defined limit.

Maximum Balance Limit

The limit for the balance to increase up to a certain value is available in Aviator if you have a profit target for your strategy.

This way, whenever your total balance exceeds the set maximum value, the automatic rounds are suspended and you choose whether or not to continue.

This feature is very useful for those who wait for a certain profit amount on Aviator. This way you are protected from losing out once you have reached your target profit.

One-Time Earnings Limit

The Aviator function of stopping if the single win exceeds a certain value is useful for those who are looking for high profits in a single spin.

In this case, the automatic spins will remain activated until the win of a single spin is higher than the value of the multiplier you have set.

This is a recommended function for high volatility strategies, i.e. when players are willing to risk several spins until good prizes appear to compensate for losses on the Aviator.

History of spins

The 1win Aviator game is a live betting game, meaning that several players participate in the same round. The result of each take-off is unique for all the participants of that round.

1win Aviator bets history

This is a characteristic that differentiates the Aviator from other slots games, where each game is unique and individual for each of the players.

This makes it possible to keep track of the results history in various ways.

Latest round result

In the upper bar of the Aviator game, you find information about the latest multipliers. You can expand the bar by clicking on the clock icon in the top right corner.

How to win at 1win Aviator?

We will present to you tips and strategies that can be used when playing Aviator game. Of course, none of them are infallible, but they can help you improve your results in the game.

Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose without compromising your budget. But if you win, the profit is all yours.

Double Bets with different values

The idea of this strategy used by many gamblers is to make the winnings from one bet in the game pay off the other bet.

your winnings in the Aviator game online

That is, the moment the second bet is paid with the winnings of the first, your risk is zero.

For example, place one $1 bet and another $10 bet in the game. When the profit on the larger bet reaches the value of the smaller bet you withdraw it. This way you can keep the smaller bet in the game for as long as you want without the risk.

Regression to the mean

As with virtually all online casino games, the Aviator game uses random number technology, so you can expect the results to fall within an average.

Therefore, wait until a series of low multipliers come out before you can enter the game.

Looking for high profits

Very common mistake players make is to focus their in-game bets on low multipliers. However, this is not a good strategy, as you miss out on the potential of the game’s high multipliers.

A good strategy is always to wait for a multiplier that compensates your previous losses in the game and makes your total balance bigger than your initial balance.

After that, you can set small goals to be achieved by your starting balance in the game.

Take advantage of the Welcome Bonus

Using the welcome bonus is always a great advantage. An interesting point is that the rollover in Aviator is easier to achieve than in a slot.

1win welcome bonus

But, just like in a slot, you have to be willing to play several rounds until you meet the rollover and assert your rights to your cash balance.

Maximum bonus amount – 101 000 ₹


Play Aviator game is fun and profitable, but a little risky. Aviator is ideal for online casinos due to its high odds and high payout. This is pure passion for gamblers who are not afraid to lose their money for the sake of fun.

One or two bets can be placed in each round. The minimum deposit is 7 INR.

Start playing popular games now at the 1win India website.


Is the Aviator game legal?

The game is completely legal if you play at licensed online casinos. 1win is licensed so you can be safe for your money and winnings.

How do I calculate my potential winnings at 1win Aviator?

The winnings of the Aviator game are calculated as the product of your bet and the final odds when you click ”Cash out”. The winning bet has no upper limit.

Why can I trust the Aviator game?

The online Aviator game uses an honest random number generator. This transparent honesty system makes every round unpredictable.

Can I download the Aviator app?

No, you can’t download the Aviator app to your mobile, but you can install the 1win casino app and play aviator in it.

Fun mode and full mode: what’s the difference?

1win Aviator is available in 2 modes: free play or regular play with real winnings. If you choose the full game then you must have a 1win casino account.